What is #include Preprocessor Directives

What is #include Preprocessor Directives

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#include , include , c programming language

1 – It is a Preprocessor Directive.

2 – In program , it placed before the main() function.

3 – It directs the compiler.

4 – If we call a function from system Library( i.e. form language library ) , then we use #include.

5 – It was not a statement , that’s why they not end with Semicolon( ; )

6 – eg. –

#include<stdio.h> main()




Here #include<stdio.h>means that- it directs( giving order ) the compiler that , call the file called stdio.h( standard input output .header file ) before the execution of program .

7 – There are so many pre-defined functions that are stored in Lang. Library. We grouping these function category wise.

8 – Each category is a Header file. OR We collect Functions of same feature , and make a separate file for that.These file are known as Header File.

9 – So , Header file is a collection of pre-defined functions of same feature.

10 – It’s( Header file ) extension is .h

11 – For eg. – #include<filename> –

this filename is a file in system library .

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