My Mother at Sixty Six Detailed Summary

In this poem, the poetess relates a personal experience . Throw it she brings out a common Paradox of human relationships . Sometimes, we do feel deep sympathy for someone but we fail to express it in a proper manner.

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It was a Friday morning .The poetess was driving from her parent’s home to the Cochin airport . Her mother was sitting beside her in the car. The mother was then 66 year old .While going , the poetess turned to look at
her mother. She found that the mother was do sing 1 and her mouth was open. Her face was as pale as that of a dead person. The poetess painfully realised that her mother was not going to live long. But soon she drove this
painful thought away from her mind. She started looking at the young trees on the roadside that seemed to be running fast . she saw children running out of their houses in joy .
After reaching the airport, the poetess went through the security check.
Her mother was standing outside a few yards away. After the security check, the poet again looked at her mother from the distance. The Mother’s face was pale white. It was as pale as the face of the moon in late winter.
The poet felt an old familiar ache in her body. It was like she used to feel in her childhood when Some fear Overpowered her. Yet she spoke no word to her mother. All that she said was ,” see you soon,Amma”. The only thing the poetess did was smile and smile and smile.

हिंदी में Summary पढ़ें:-

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