Importance of C Programming Language

C is so important due to its feature and its qualities.
Let see why, it is so important.

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[mi_heading size=”25″ margin=”15″]Importance of C[/mi_heading]

1 – It is Robust Language.

[mi_note radius=”7″]Robust feature means , it has rich set of predefined ( or Built-in ) Functions and Operators. [/mi_note]

2 – It has only 32 Keywords.

[mi_note radius=”7″]Keywords are Reserve Words , which having fix meaning.[/mi_note]

3 – It has an ability to extend itself.

[mi_note radius=”5″]means we add ( or create ) our own Functions in C Library. [/mi_note]

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4 – It have Concept of Data Types as a powerful feature.

5 – It is Highly Portable.

[mi_note radius=”5″]Highly Portable means programme written in one comp. can ran on another with less or no modification. If we plan to use new Comp. of differ O.S , Portability is needed. [/mi_note]

6 – It is Flexible.

7 – No Rigid Format.

8 – It is Machine Independent.

9 – It is Structured Language.

10 – It is many times Faster than BASIC.

[mi_note radius=”5″]For eg., If we Perform a task on C, it takes Hardly 1sec. ,where BASIC takes 40-50 sec. for the same task. [/mi_note]

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11 – Programme written in C are Fast & Efficient.

[mi_note radius=”5″]Due to various powerful Operators and Data types. [/mi_note]

12 – C use in Embedded Devices

[mi_note radius=”5″]Like Microwave,Washing Machine,T.V, Camera,etc. . [/mi_note]

13 – It helps in writing both System Software and Application Software ( Business Packages ).

14 – Due to Structured Programming – Debugging , Testing and Maintenance becomes Easy.

15 – Major part of O.S is still written in C.

16 – Due to it’s Built-in Functions & Operators , we can write any complex programme Easily.

Read History of C Language:-

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