History of The C Programming Language in Detail

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history of the c programming  language basics in detail

History of C Language:

1 – C is a structured , high-level , machine independent language.

2 – The root of all Modern Language is ” ALGOL ” (name derived from algorithm) , introduce in 1960’s.

3 – ALGOL was first Computer Language who use Block Structure.

4 – ALGOL gave the concept of Structured Programming Language.

5 – In 1962’s the available language like ” COBOL ” (COmmon Business Oriented Language) and ” FORTRAN ” (FORmula TRANslation) , these are specific Language , so there was Need of General purpose language.

6 – In 1967’s , Martin Richards introduce a Language called ” BCPL ” (Basic Combined Programming Language).

7 – The reason for developing the BCPL is for writing System Software.

8 – In 1970 , Ken Thompson Introduce a Language and Called it simply ” B “.

9 – Ken uses many features of BCPL in B.

10 – B was used to create the ” UNIX ” ( Operating System ).

history of the c programming language basics in detail
History of C Programming Language.

11 – In 1972 Dennis Ritchie introduce ” C ” Language , in Bell Laboratory at U . S . A.

12 – C uses many Concept of ALGOL , BCPL and B.

13 – C also added the concept of Data Types as a powerful feature with some other features.

14 – C was mainly used for developing the Latest Version of UNIX O.S.

After releasing many c Compiler for Commercial use , UNIX popularity was increasing .It began to widespread among computer professionals

15 – During 1970’s C was known as ” Traditional C “.

16 – C Language became more popular after the publication of the book ” The C Programming Language “ by Brian Kerningham and Ritchie. in 1978 . The book was so popular that the Language came to be known as ” K & R -C ” among the programming professional.

Due to rapid growth of C Language , the developers tries to make the C Language best ever , that led to the development of different versions of C Language ,similar but incompatible.This makes a serious problem for System Developers

17 – For making the Standard of C , ANSI ( American National Standard Institute ) appoints a technical committee. SO the technical Committee ( on the behalf of ANSI ) approve a version of C in Dec,1989.This version is known as ” ANSI C “.

18 – ANSI C was also known as ” C 89 “.

19 – Then it also approved by International Standards organization ( I .S .O ) in 1990.

20 – During 1990’s C++ Language was introduce , which was totally based on C.

c language by dennis ritchie ,history 
of c programming language in detail
C Language By Dennis Ritchie

21 – C++ is based on Oop ( Object Oriented programming )

22 – C++ added several feature in C for becoming more versatile Language.

23 – During the same period , Sun Microsystems of U . S . A created ” JAVA ” based on C and C++.

24 – C felt that if few feature of C++ and JAVA is added in C , would enhance the usefulness of the Language. And the result was the new version of C viz. ” C99 ” ( in 1999 ).

viz. means namely.

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25 – Today , C is running under a variety of operating systems & hardware platforms.

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